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G-Man Coyote Trapping - You will see lots of coyotes caught in this video.
Wayne's down to earth style won't leave you with unanswered questions. He shows
you a large variety of well camouflaged and blended flat sets that really take coyotes.
120 minutes

Rocky Mountain Grey Fox Trapping - Join Wayne on his New Mexico
Grey Fox line. Includes location, sets, lures, and many grey fox catches. Wayne has
trapped greys for over 35 years, both as a fur trapper and government trapper.
105 minutes

Rocky Mountain Bobcat Video - Without any doubt this is one of the
best cat trapping videos on the market. Wayne has spent 16 years with the government working problem animals and now works private contracts year around trapping lion and coyote on numerous New Mexico ranches. All material in this video is original, on the line footage with nothing staged, as you will be able to tell. Wayne
does a terrific job showing cat locations as well as pin pointing proper trap placement.
There are many different catches shown in this video (some real big honkers
are caught). He doesn't just use one or two types of sets, but shows you how to
make a variety of sets and variations. You can learn in 1 hour. 45 min. what it takes most people a lifetime to figure out. A Great Video. 1 hour 45 minutes

Rocks, Brush & Sandy Washes - Derricks Second Bobcat Video - If you liked Wayne's last cat video, "Rocky Mountain Bobcat",
you will really enjoy this one also. Learn how to locate cats in places you never
thought. Locating Bobcats in rocks, heavy brush, and washes. Wayne shows you
how to take cats that refuse dirt holes. See why these sets are very attractive to the largest Tom Bobcats. Learn locations, sets, and see Wayne's life style of making a living off trapping year around as he does. You will see lots of Big Toms caught in these sets. 2 hours. 3 minutes


MARSHLAND MUSKRATS - Join Ron as he efficiently traps muskrats from
his boat, by walking shorelines, and on the ice. If you live for the thrill of trapping you need this unique video. 120 minutes

The Pocket Set - Mink & Coon Trapping - You will learn first hand
from this adaptable trapper as he efficiently traps mink and raccoon using various
Pocket Sets. Learn Hauser's trap placements for higher catch averages, guide sticking techniques and other trapline tricks, not in print, on film or use by many trappers,
yet! 180 minutes $39.95

Fulltime Trapping - This unique 2 part video covers coon, mink,
beaver, muskrat and snapping turtle. 40+ years experience in 8 states.
This video will improve your catch! 225 minutes

Full Time Beaver Trapping - Ron Hauser has trapped beavers from the
Canadian border to the cypress swamps of Mississippi. Hauser brings 40+ years of trapping experience to you in this instructional video. Camera man captures on film, a beaver working a set and getting caught in a 330! 270 minutes

Longlining, Raccoons, & Conibears -Ride with a master
trapper and learn the fastest and deadliest method of body trapping
raccoons. Features a days catch of 73 raccoon caught on location.
Will help you join the ranks of the "elite coon trappers."
180 minutes

New Video

Raccoons, Coil Springs 'N' Blind Sets with Ron Hauser
- Hauser's first trapped raccoon was caught in a blind set 40
years ago. Since then, he has adapted his trapping skills from observing raccoons and other trappers and spending many seasons on the line in nine states. Raccoons are predictable. Blind Sets are simple, and they catch raccoons in numbers, fast, catching the 'coons other trappers pass by. The concept is not new, but it's used by very few trappers. If you're a trapper, pick up this DVD and add blind sets to your bag of tricks.


Skunks: The Best Investment You'll Ever Make -
Take Mother Nature's striped gift all the way to the bank! Methods of
skinning, fleshing, stretching skunks, gland removal, essence extraction and storage. Grading, and odor removal are all covered.
Additional information on packaging and shipping skunk essence.
43 minutes


Trapping Muskrats by the 1000's - 1000 Muskrats in 10 days. Rich
Kaspar is on a muskrat marathon chasing high dollar rats. Rich uses a system that
includes floats, bank sets, colony traps and Conibears. On a working trapline, Rich
gives instruction, as he piles up muskrats in huge numbers. Filmed in Nebraska and
South Dakota. Copyright 2010. 3 hours


More Money From Trapping - Fur handling tips that add value to your fur.
Animal Gland removal, skull collecting, bait and lure making. Animals covered:
beaver, bobcat, red & grey fox, muskrat, otter, coon, skunk, opossum, and squirrels.
Save money and time in the fur shed. When Mike does something it is done thoroughly and complete. 5 Hours, 2 disc set

Introduction to Professional Techniques of Wildlife Control – An on-the job-training course for removing animals, repairing damage and growing your business. Mike shows you how to build and grow your control business into a profitable steady income. Covers: trapping equipment, and materials, fundamentals of cage trapping, bat jobs, groundhogs in cages, baits skunk control, opossum control and exclusion, flying squirrel control and exclusion, methods for coons in attics, crawl spaces and ceiling joists and exclusion. 3 hours, 40 min. A WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE $39.95


Gland Extraction & Lure Formulation – Shows you all you need to know about extracting glands for resale or for personal use. Johnny shows extractions of otter, mink, ‘rat, beaver, fox, ‘yote and bobcat. You will also get valuable information on tincturing, formulating lures and a detailed synopsis of skunk essence and its value. You will not be disappointed. 1 hour

Lure and Bait Making – Come along with Johnny Thorpe as he takes the viewer on an in-depth discussion of the formulation of animal scents. Johnny has built and sold three different lure-making businesses in his 50 years as a lure maker. You will see the many aspects of lure and bait making, all the way from ingredients to formulas used. You will also be given many different lure and scent recipes used on today’s market from deer to almost all furbearers. This video is a must see for everyone who wants to learn.


NEW Keg Creek Production Trapping - Basic Two Sets for High Numbers Trapping. This TWO DVD set is about piling up high numbers of animals in a short period of time using two basic, simple sets in all weather conditions. The animals covered are: Mink, Coon, Coyote, Beaver and Bobcat. Includes information about what equipment to use and how to use it. Marty Smith is a life-long trapper from southwest Iowa, living near Council Bluffs, he has taken instructions from Craig O'Gorman, Ron Hansen, Bud Hall, and others. Marty shows you how to make quick effective sets for both land and water animals. He is the real deal, no filler or fluff, just sound trapline methods for maximizing your catch. This video will
make you a better trapper. 2 hours and 43 mins.
VERY GOOD TWO DVD SET Copyright 2015 $29.95


Ultimate Beaver Trapping - Dusty Hough shows you how a professional racks up big numbers in open water. On a working beaver line. Dusty reveals it all as he takes 25 beaver in a 7 hour check. Dusty also takes you to the fur shed to show he harvests the valuable castor and oil glands. 2 hours & 41 mins.


NEW Western Cat Trapping - This new DVD is a product of 52 years of predator trapping. So this production is by no means a production by somebody that is new to this business. Back in the early to mid 80’s I owned and operated my own lure business, I authored many trapping articles in Fur Fish and Game, The Trapper and WCT magazines. I also owned and operated successful ADC program and 23 years of Government ADC work. So come along and ride with me. I’ll show you top locations, proper luring and scenting methods for the cats and super efficient sets that will help you take the highest percentage if the cats in your area.

A Blast from the Past
NEW Western Cat Trapping - Back in the early 1990’s I did a video on trapping coyotes (Trapping the Canines – The Way It is). Of course this was made for VCR’s. I have had the video done on DVD’s and it is ready for release. This DVD covers equipment and a lot of location info that is bound to help anybody better understand the canines and has a variety of sets. Now there is a couple of small glitches from the old film but it didn’t bother anything. This is a very informative DVD.


Under the Ice Beaver Snaring Simplified – Shows you Royce’s simple techniques that have allowed him to take 100’s of beaver in northern Minnesota. Royce is an expert snareman with endless energy. You will see his northern trapline, techniques and catches. 2 hours, 20 minutes.


Deep Snow Coyote Snaring- This DVD goes through all aspects of snaring and explains techniques used in the field to bring your fur numbers up at the end of the trapping season. Topics include: location, snare parts, snare making, hints and tips. 120 minutes GREAT VIDEO


Trapping the Elusive Coyote - Coyote family structure
explained and the how, when, and where of successful Coyote trapping.
Proper locations, detailed set construction, and the right attractors.
When certain lures are effective and when they aren't and why.
120 minutes

Trapping the Elusive Bobcat - Enjoy 2 hours of intense
Bobcat trapping with Professional Trapper Gary Jepson. You'll see
Gary describe and then put into action the concepts of location. construction and attraction in trapping bobcats. Gary also explains in
meticulous detail the construction of proven sets along with the terrain
and areas in which they are to be located. Gary shares over 55 years
of trapping knowledge in this DVD. 120 minutes

Snaring the Elusive Coyote And Bobcat - Just out "Snaring the
Elusive Coyote and Bobcat" explains the correct use of baits and lures, location for
setting Cat and Coyote combinations, correct snare positioning, and use of snare
supports. It's loaded with lots of snare know how.


Beaver & Otter Trapping Vol. 1 Making Beaver Pay - The most
informative and up to date Beaver & Otter trapping methods ever shown on video.
See fast, effective methods of harvesting beaver and otter with foothold and body grip traps. These methods work anytime, anywhere. Discover equipment, why and where not to set conibears, and how to catch more otter and beaver at the same set.

Coyote Trapping East of the Big River - Follow pro trapper Matt
Jones through the forest, fields and river bottoms of Illinois, Kentucky, and
Tennessee. Eastern trappers trap in the worst weather conditions. The methods here will show you how to keep your sets working. 90 minutes

"Coyote Chaos" - Clint Locklear and Matt Jones fight through 7
inches of rain, deep mud, competition and freeze-thaw conditions on their coyote line. Coyote trapping in harsh conditions. 120 minutes

After The Catch - (Pro fur handling for the fur trapper & hunter) The ultimate fur
handling video! This huge 4 hour video teaches you everything you need to know in
order to handle coyote, bobcat, red fox, grey fox, raccoon, skunk, river otter, mink, muskrat, & beaver. A fun yet extremely educational video that everyone will enjoy and benefit from. Shows the small things that make the big difference. 240 min.


Eastern Raccoon Trapping - Follow Jones & Len Williams through the
bluff and river country of Kentucky, Illinois, & Tennessee as they show techniques that have helped them harvest 1000's of raccoons over the years. Learn to deal with obstacle's such as fluctuating water levels, rough terrain, weather changes, and competition. 110 minutes


Master Raccoon Snaring - Veteran Professional trapper
Newt Sterling shows you methods of raccoon snaring that will work in
all parts of the country, in all kinds of weather. Everything you need to know about snaring raccoon.

Beaver Snaring - See Open Water Techniques.
Newt shows his unique snaring methods and equipment. Learn how to avoid out of season otter and still take beaver. Learn sets usually not associated with snares. This video is loaded with catch scenes of many beaver in snares.


Modern Grey Fox - Grey Fox are different than Coyotes
or even Red Fox. They require a different approach. Western
trapper Tracy Truman has written a book on Grey Fox trapping
and now has this DVD to show footage of his ideas and efforts
as well. With over 30 years of trapping experience Tracy will
show you how to dramatically improve your catch regardless of
your experience or location. Learn the secrets of making large
catches and proper set construction that eliminates misses.
120 minutes

Cage Trapping Bobcats and Grey Fox -
California, cage trapper Jeff Yancy and grey fox man Tracy
Truman combine in this 90 minute DVD to show you how,
when, and where to use cage traps to catch bobcats and grey
fox. Learn how to properly locate, bed, conceal and theft-proof
your cages. This DVD is a true teaching tool and sure to
increase your catch. 90 minutes


New - The Beaver Project - This DVD is focused on building and using beaver floats, and also on using the stakealizer on 330's, with one segment on using footholds on sliding rods. Shows castor and oil sac removal, fur prep, and skinning, plus lots of other tricks of the trade not normally shown.
VERY INFORMATIVE Copyright 2014 $39.95


NEW Snaring in the Snow - This video covers in depth strategies on red and grey fox, bobcats and coyotes. They go into details on types of snares, building snares, set locations, finding good habitat, setting techniques avoiding refusals, troubleshooting, bait stations, even using Google Earth to find good trapping locations. In this video they show catches of nearly two dozen bobcats, fox and coyotes and explain each set. They go into detail on snaring theory and proper setting techniques. Don't let deep snow send you home, you can learn to use it to your advantage and catch more furbearers when other trappers have hung up their steel for the year; this video will show you how.
Approximately 100 mins.
REALLY GOOD ONE Lots of Know-How $29.95


NEW Cat Trapping with Mike "Bobcat" Bailey - "Bobcat" Mike Bailey has been cat trapping up to 80 bobcats per year for over three decades. Mike, a soft spoken, hard driving, Broken Bow Oklahoma native has spent his life in the woods. Bobcats have been his obsession for almost 40 years. Well known locally for his large bobcat catches, Mike share the skills and knowledge that have made him one of the best. Filmed on a working and productive trapline in the wooded hills of Oklahoma. 2 hours and 53 mins.
REALLY GOOD ONE Lots of Know-How $39.95


Clean and Preserve Your Skulls - This skull cleaning DVD gives you an in-depth look at cleaning and preserving your own animal skull. You will learn three different methods which can be used right at your home. The first method is beetles, the second method is boiling and the third method being maturation of the skull. You will be a pro in no time by just following the simple and easy methods described with this DVD by a licensed taxidermist where he gives you all of the knowledge you need to be a pro. 2 hours.


Coyote Snaring Methods - Lesel will show you the methods he uses on the snare line to help you add additional fur to your shed. Whether you are using cable restraints or snares a lot of these techniques will help you on your snare line. Many facets of the professional trapper are covered in this DVD. You are sure to gain information that will add fur to your fur shed. Lesel caught 458 coyotes during his 2014/2015 season. The techniques are proven through consistent catches. Enjoy a private tour through the West while gaining a wealth of information. WORTH KNOWING $34.95

Advanced Coyote Methods – Focuses on a wide variety of different sets and where they are used. The new variations compliment the standard dirt hole. These variations will help give you an advantage in high pressure trapping situations. You will be following a true professional fur trapper on his line and seeing the additional methods he uses on his trapline. Lesel caught 458 coyotes during his 2014/2015 season. The techniques, baits and lures are proven through his consistent catches. Enjoy the information and scenery you will see in this fantastic DVD. VERY INFORMATIVE. By Lesel Reuwsaat $34.95

Skunk Methods - Skunk trapping methods along with how to handle the skunk after capture. The information gained will help add dollars to your fur shed. The skunk is a highly valuable item in today's trapping industry. Don't miss out on this easy revenue. The detailed handling and skinning section is sure to add money to your bottom line. Lesel has figured out a highly effective method of dispatching the skunk to make sure you harvest neariy all the gland. Watch the DVD and figure out this simple .dispatch method (no syringe needed). You are sure to capture additional revenue by watching this DVD.
By Lesel Reuwsaat. $24.95

Badger Methods- Come along to South Dakota and Nebraska to see the Professional Trapper target the badger. You will learn his techniqes when targeting this ornery animal. You will definitely pick up some additional techniques and information from this DVD. Lesel has caught over 60 badgers during a season come along and see how he does it. 135 minutes
By Lesel Reuwsaat $34.95

Bobcat Methods - Proven methods to help you catch the majestic bobcat. Lesel's methods have helped him put up huge numbers of bobcats. Lesel has caught as many as 43 western bobcats in one season. This same season he released an additional 16. Enjoy the majestic South Dakota scenery and learn some valuable bobcat trapping information. By Lesel Reuwsaat $34.95



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