Our reputation for good, clean, pure urines is widely known among expert and pro trappers throughout the nation and has been so for nearly two decades.  Few people know and fewer yet care to go through the work involved with correct handling and proper storage of quality urines.  High quality urines are the cheapest insurance you can buy.  It is a pitiful and sad ordeal that so many bargain hunters never in a lifetime know the difference that a good urine can make.  Of course, our urines carry the same company guarantee as all our products.  If you don't believe that you have increased your catch, just return it for a refund.

"Female" Fox Urine (In Heat) Fox Urine Coyote Urine Coyote Urine In Heat
Mink Urine Bobcat Urine Grey Fox Lynx Urine
Cougar Urine Timber Wolf    

"Female" Fox Urine "In Heat"

Pint $18.00

"Red Rascal"Fox Urine

(Regular Type)
4 0z. $6.00; Pint $8.00; 1/2 Gallon $16.00; Gallon $28.00

"Old Dog" Coyote Urine

4 oz. $6.00;  Pint $10.00; 1/2 Gallon $22.00; Gallon $34.00

Coyote Urine In Heat

Pint $18.00

Mink Urine

4 oz. $7.00; Pint $12.00

"Big Tom" Bobcat Urine

4 oz. $7.00; Pint $12.00; 1/2 Gallon $31.00

Grey Fox Urine

4 oz. $7.00; Pint $12.00

Lynx Urine

4 oz. $9.00; Pint $18.00

Cougar Urine

4 oz. $10.00; Pint $22.00

Timber Wolf

4 oz. $12.00; Pint $22.00


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