Trapping Supplies

Fleshing Knives Chicago 4" Knife Double Stake Swivel Skinning Gambrel
Fleshing Tool Beaver Knife Flat Stake Swivel Skinning Apron
Fox Set "D" Shovel Serrated Pelter Multi-Purpose (MP) Swivel 18" Gauntlets
Standard Trapper's Trowel Tail Slitting Knife Packbaskets Fox Gloves
3 in 1 Tool 600 Necker Fleshing Knife Long Spring Trap Setter Knit Wrist Gloves
Aluminum Push Pins Drill Augers Trap Pan Covers Edmont Wilson Shoulder Gauntlet
Fur Combs Metal Dirt Sifter Flake-Type Antifreeze Thermal Gloves
Tail Stripper Wood Dirt Sifter Jiff-V Knife Sharpener Coon Dagger Trap
Rite-Ur-Own Tags Log Wood Dye Rope Ratchet Duke DP "Dog Proof" Raccoon Trap
Trapper's Wire Trap Wax Bridger T3 Dog Proof Trap Fiberglass Trap Pan Cover
Skinning Gloves      

Fleshing Knives

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Two-handle knives with one piece blade (not butt welded).  Handles reinforced to prevent cracking.

No. 1 - 8x1 blade for muskrat, mink and similar $13.00
No. 2 - 12x1 1/2 blade for coyote, possum, raccoon and similar $19.95
No. 3 - 16x2 blade for large raccoon and similar $27.95
***SPECIAL***Pro Fleshing Knife Set - of all 3 professional knives $58.95

Fleshing Tool

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Will pay for itself quickly in the better job it does in fleshing your skins.  The first practical pelt fleshing tool ever offered.  Substantially constructed.  For all kinds of skins.


Fox Set "D" Shovel

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With "D" handle.


Standard Trapper's Trowel

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Weighs only one pound.  Shovel blade is 6" long and 2 3/4" wide.  Point is tapered back 2" and ground to sharp cutting edge.  Overall length is 22".  Handle sticks above pack basket opening.  Never gets odors from equipment.


3 In 1 Tool

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Here's a tool that will do tough jobs.  It pounds trap stakes,  chops frozen trap beds and digs a nice 2" dirt hole.  A very well-balanced tool that fits and handles very well.  Weighs 3 1/4 lbs.


Aluminum Push Pins

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For attaching pelts smaller than beaver and otter to wooden stretchers.  Can be used over and over again.  No hammers needed for driving or removing.  Does not damage pelts.  Tempered steel points.  Box of 100.


Fur Combs

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Fur combs remove those cockleburs, dirt, dried blood, and other "stuff" from your fur.

Stone Fur Comb (round teeth) #75-6 $13.95

Tail Stripper

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Grawe's Tail Stripper is fast, neat, easy and clean.  No more broken tail bones or torn fur.


Rite-Ur-Own Tags

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Simple and inexpensive.  Name is permanently embossed in thin metal by writing pressure with a lead pencil.  Twenty-five tags and wire for attaching in package.

25 Tags - $3.75

Trapper's Wire

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11 gauge $8.75
14 gauge $7.75
16 gauge $7.75

Chicago 4" Knife

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The only knife many fur buyers have in the place.  From weasels to wolves, this knife will get the job done.


Beaver Knife

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Upswept blade.  High carbon steel.


Serrated Pelter

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This Swiss made knife is just incredible.  I have personally skinned out four beavers, including removing the tails and feet, and then I just touched each side lightly with a stone and it was again razor sharp.  3 1/4 blade with sure grip polyurethane handle.

ONLY $6.95 ea.; $17.50 for 3

Tail Slitting Knife

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$3.75; 2 for $7.00

600 Necker Fleshing Knife

14 1/2" x 1 1/2"


Skinning Gambrel

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#FGBR $6.95

Metal Dirt Sifter

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#TSFM $8.95

Wood Dirt Sifter

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#TSFW $6.95

Log Wood Dye

Condensed from log wood powder.  One pound added to three gallons of water and boiled, will dye 50 small traps and make the traps harder to see by Johnny Sneekum and animals.

$3.95 - 1 lb.; 3 for $11.25

Trap Wax

Here's an odorless wax that seals as well as penetrates the surface pores in metal traps.  Gives complete protection in wet weather and still holds up in below temps.  It not only prolongs trap life, it actually resists odors and speeds up trap action.  For best results, dip traps in hot, melted wax and shake dry.

1 lb. $3.75
4 lb. $13.00
6 lb. block $19.00

Double Stake Swivel

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Makes it easy to cross stake your land traps.

#HDSK Per 12 $7.95; Per 100 $64.00

Flat Stake Swivel

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Fits 3/8 and 1/2 stakes

Per 12 $6.75;  Per 100 $49.00

Multi-Purpose (MP) Swivels

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Two swiveling rivets.

Standard MP Swivels - 3/16" $6.50 dozen;  $49.95 per 100


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Top quality packbaskets.  Carefully constructed of hardwood veneer.  Special built in floor, heavy duty bottom cleats, to give years of service.  Complete with web handle and adjustable harness.

16" $39.95
20" $56.95

Long Spring Trap Setter

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#0 to #5 Bridger Long Springer

$14.95 ea.

Wax Trap Pan Covers

Precut from wax paper, fits neatly inside jaws, bundle of 100 (state trap size).


Fiberglass Trap Pan Cover - Thouroughly clean, free of odors and easy to use. Bundle of 24 (state trap size)

$3.50 / 24

Flake-Type Antifreeze

Here at last is an antifreeze for your dirt sets that freezes as hard as concrete.  It actually thaws out the frozen dirt and prevents it from freezing.  Comes to you in powder form.  Directions for using:  Take about a heaping teaspoonful of the powder and sprinkle it on the frozen set or mix with the dirt.  When covering traps, powder is white in color but soon dissolves and prevents freezing.  Keep dry until used.

1 lb. Size Jar $3.50; 4 lb. Size Jar $12.00

Jiff-V Knife Sharpener

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A time saving tool that will sharpen a straight-bladed knife or serrated blade.  Razor sharp with just two or three quick swipes.  The best sharpener on the market.  Handy to use in the kitchen, workshop or right in the woods.

ONLY $9.95 ea.;

Rope Ratchet

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NEW handy tool in the skinning shed.  Just press the thumb release lever to raise or lower the carcass to the right height.  3/8 ratchet with load limit of 250 lbs.

ONLY $19.95 ea.

Skinning Gloves - Nitrile skinning gloves are strong and more durable than the vinyl type.


Skinning Apron

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Heavy-duty durable coated reinforced fabric, rubber coated industrial aprons.  Ideal for skinning and fleshing furs, resistant to acid, oil or fur fat.  Will last several seasons, double-stitched and riveted.

Heavy Duty12.95 ea.

18" Gauntlets

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Mink trappers elbow length.
$9.95 Pair
With thermal liners $12.00 Pair

Fox Gloves

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12" Gauntlet
$4.25 Pair

Knit Wrist Gloves Gloves

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$3.95 Pair

Edmont Wilson Shoulder Gauntlet

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A 31" Edmont Wilson "A" Grade gauntlet especially suited for muskrat and beaver trapping.  Coated with DuPont neoprene.  Black.
$44.00 Pair

Thermal Gloves

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Genuine Thermesh Waffle-Cloth keeps body heat in, cold air out.  Wear inside any gloves.  Keeps hands warm in rubber gloves while setting traps in cold water.
$4.00 Pair

Drill Augers ( for use in cordless drills )

The 3" Auger has a 24" shaft and may be used on dry ground or in water sets. Coon trappers also like this one to put in Coon Cuff Traps.
$19.95 ea.

Coon Dagger Trap

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Finally a dog-proof trap that solves the problem of of all other dog-proof traps on the market. In actual testing in Arkansas, the push-pull trigger reduced bait theft by a 12-to-1 margin over conventional pull-only type traps!

  • Diamond shape opening allows for better grip by applying pressure to all four sides of the paw instead of two like most otherss.
  • A unigue triggering system which allows a push or pull operation.
  • A pre-set safety position so one can bait at home and is less likely to fire as others.
  • Can be switched to a pull-only in seconds.
  • Large stabilizer for better support

ONLY $14.95 ea.; $86.95 / 6 or $165.00 / dozen

Duke DP "Dog Proof" Raccoon Trap

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Introducing the long awaited Duke "Dog Proof" Raccoon Trap! Features heavy duty machine chain with swivels attached. This trap comes equipped with a stake attached directly to the bottom of the trap. Set it, stake it, and forget it. It's that simple.

Features heavy duty coilsprings and trigger system. The trap is equipped with a "pull" only trigger. When a raccoon reaches in to grab and pull the bait out of the tube it will fire the trap.

$14.95 ea.; $81.00 / 6 or $149.95 / dozen

Bridger T3 Dog Proof Trap

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Heavy duty machine chain with swivels. Comes equipped with a stake attached directly to the bottom of the trap. Bait it. Set it. Stake it. It's that simple. Pull style trigger. Strong music wire spring "Theft Stop" ring trigger to keep critters working until caught. Bracket attached to spring to aid in setting. Made in Taiwan

$13.95 ea.; $79.00 / half dozen or $150.00 / dozen


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