Otter Glands Red Fox Glands Coyote Glands Grey Fox Glands Mink Glands Coon Glands
Cat Glands Weasel Glands Lion Glands Wolf Gland Muskrat Glands Deer Tarsel Glands

Musks & Oils

Acorn Oil
Ambergris Oil
Amberette Musk (Crystals)
Amber Oil Rectified
Anise Oil (genuine)
Apple Essence
Asafoetida Tincture
Banana Oil (tropical blend)
Beaver Castor Paste
Beaver Castor Fine Dry Ground
Beaver Castorium (Liquid)
Bergamont Oil
Beaver Oil Sack
Birch Oil
Blue Cheese Essence
Bobcat Meat
Tainted Bobcat Meat
Bone Meal
Buckwheat Honey
Butter Pecan Oil
Canton Musk
Carrot Seed Oil

Carmel Essence Oil
Catfish Tar
Catnip Oil artificial
Catnip Oil 100% Pure
Catnip Leaves
Cherry Oil
Civet Musk (Imitation)
Genuine Civet Musk Paste
Crayfish Essence (Artificial)
Crawdad Oil, 100%
Diethyl Phthalate
Fig Oil
Fish Meal
Fish Oil
Gator Oil
Geranium Oil
Grape Essence Oil
Herring Oil
Himalayan Musk Oil
Honey Essence Oil
Horse Fat
Jasmine Oil
Juniper Oil
Lanolin (Anhydrous)
Lavender Oil

Fresh Liver
Rotten Liver
Loganberry Essence Oil
Loveage Root
Loverage Oil Tincture
Methyl Paraben

Mineral Oil
Molasses Food Grade
Mouse Oil
Musk Keaton
Muscaro Musk
Muskrat Musk (Imitation)
Musky Musk
Oak Moss Resinoid
Pennyroyal Oil
Peppermint Oil
Persimmon Oil
Poplar Bud Oil
Propylene Glycol (USP)
Phenyl Acetic Acid
Raspberry Essence
Rhodium Oil
Rose Bud Oil
Rosewood Oil
Seal Oil Replacement

Shell Fish Oil
Shrimp Essence Oil
Siberian Deer Musk Type 2
Skunk Essence
Skunk Essence Tinctured
Skunk Oil
Sweet Skunk
Smoke Essence
Sodium Benzoate
Spearmint Oil
“Super” Salmon Oil
Sweet Corn Oil
Sweet Flag Oil
Sweat Musk
Tonka Bean Extract
Tonquin Musk
Tallow Oil
Valerian Root
Valerian Extract Oil Fluid
Walnut [black walnut]
Weasel Musk (Artificial)
Xyol or White Musk Crystals
Ylang Ylang Oil
Zinc Valerate Powder
Bait Mix Solution



Deer Tarsel Glands 4 oz. $18.00  
Otter Glands - Preserved with Fresh and Natural Odor. 4 oz. $22.00  
Red Fox Glands - Foxy Odor, cut from Big Dakota Reds, put up right, Extreme High Quality. 4 oz. $18.00 Pints $64.00
Coyote Glands - Clean Cut, Real Coyote Odor. 4 oz. $18.00 Pints $64.00
Grey Fox Glands – True Grey Fox. 4 oz. $25.00 Pints $60.00
Mink Glands - Pure Musk Glands, Real Minky. 4 oz. $25.00  
Coon Glands - These are cut in late February and March so there is a Real Strong Coon Odor to them. 4 oz. $15.00  
Cat Glands - Real Catty Smelling. 4 oz. $18.00 Pints $35.00
Weasel Glands – A Great Mink and Coyote ingredient. It is hard to find Quality Glands like these. 1 oz. $12.00  
Lion Glands -Limited supply – real rank Lion smell. 4 oz. $40.00  
Muskrat Glands – Ground and preserved fresh fragrant spring rat glands.. 1 oz. $9.00 4 oz. $25.00
Wolf Glands 1 oz. $10.00 4 oz. $35.00

"Full Strength"
Lure Ingredients – Musks and Oils

Over the last 42 years I have worked with a wide variety of ingredients and have consistently sought out the Finest Quality available. Over time I have been fortunate enough to meet and deal with people who travel and deal in several foreign countries and are able to obtain for us from direct sources the Purest and Highest Quality ingredients available. These are not cheaply tinctured or diluted to the point that they have lost all value. Every year more dealers and trappers are telling us how happy they are with our ingredients, our Quality, Stability, and Strength, which are much better than what they have been dealing with. A word of Caution when dealing with our ingredients. Start with less than you believe you will need because our materials are of MUCH Higher Quality and Strength.


Acorn Oil - A wonderful ingredient for coon. Also very good in grey fox meat bait.

1 oz. $6.50; 4 oz. $18.00  
Ambergris Oil – Can be used straight or mixed with other oils or bases as a side attractant. Also used to
stabilize another odor.
1 oz. $5.00; 4 oz. $17.00 pints $55.00
Amberette Musk (Crystals) – Great material in any lures that call for Musk. Good Rat, Coon, or Fox ingredient. 1 oz. $7.50 4 oz. $25.00
Amber Oil Rectified – Very pleasant fragrance. A very good Rat, Beaver, Coon, Fox and Wolf ingredient. 1 oz. $6.50 4 oz. $19.00
Anise Oil - China Star Blend. True Heavy Odor for Coon, Rats 1 oz. $7.00; 4 oz. $22.00 pints $52.00
Apple Essence – Rich, Heavy Apple odor for use in Deer stands, Coon baits. 1 oz. $4.50; 4 oz. $14.00 pints $39.00
Asafoetida – Original Strong Powder, direct from India. Used years as a passion ingredient in Wolf and Coyote lures. Very good in Cat lures. 1 oz. $6.00 4 oz. $15.00
Asafoetida Tincture – Same as the powder form. Many like to use it in liquid form as it mixes a little easier. 1 oz $6.50; 4 oz. $18.00 pints $40.00
Banana Oil (tropical blend) – Banana Oil in it’s Pure form used for Coon, Wood-chuck, and early fall for Grey Fox. 1 oz. $4.50; 4 oz. $14.00 pints $33.00
Beaver Castor Paste - Used in many Canine Lures. 4 oz. $16.00  
Beaver Castor Fine Dry Ground – Very Strong. 1 oz. $12.00  
Beaver Castorium (Liquid) – A Great Product; Can be used alone or Mixes Easily with other Material. 4 oz. $14.00  
Bergamont Oil – Very attractive to Cats, Coyote, Beaver, and Coon. 1 oz. $4.50; 4 oz. $14.00  
Beaver Oil Sack – Ground fresh and preserved. Heavy Odor. 4 oz. $20.00  
Birch Oil – Pure. Use by itself or mix with Beaver Lures. 1 oz. $5.00; 4 oz. $16.00 pints $47.00
Blue Cheese Essence –A Heavy Penetrating Odor. Very good in canine baits. Many trappers mix it with rotten
eggs; it makes a powerful draw station.
1 oz. $6.00 4 oz. $18.00

Bobcat Meat - Ground fresh and preserved. Nice clean odor. Bobcat meat makes a very good bait and can be used with many different oils and musks.

  1/2 Gallons $20.00

Tainted Bobcat Meat - Preserved. Heavy and thick. Tainted odor. You may want to add sone or more different musks or oils; mink gland, honey, skunk, tonquin, or beaver castor for example.

  1/2 Gallons $25.00

Bone Meal - This is bone meal with meat added. A powder form that is very good in baits and also to thicken baits. Bone meal is very attractive to canines too.

  Pints $9.00
Buckwheat Honey – Strong Long Lasting Sweet Odor. Coon trappers use this alone or mixed with fish meal or quite a number of different combinations. extremely valuable ingredient to the more experienced lure maker. Pint $15.00  
Butter Pecan Oil – High staggering sweet odor reaches out. For Coon, Squirrels, and early fall Greys, Reds,
and Skunks.
1 oz. $4.50; 4 oz. $11.00 pints $33.00
Canton Musk – One of the finest ingredients for use in late season lures. Creates a unique, distinct blended odor all its own. Genuine Material. 1 oz. $9.00 4 oz. $30.00
Carrot Seed Oil – One of the finest ingredients available for Muskrat lures. Only a few drops of this Superior Quality Ingredient is needed in Lure Formations. 1 oz. $12.00 4 oz. $43.00
Carmel Essence Oil – Nice, Smooth, Clear Smell of Fresh Carmel. Can be used straight or mixed with one or more other sweet-odor ingredients. Used for Muskrat, Coon, and many other animals. 1 oz. $7.00 4 oz. $20.00
Catfish Tar - Made from the yellow fatty backs, that consists of "rich" oil fat. Heavy, thick, and strong fish oil. Reaches out a long ways, and
stays where you put it. This is NOT fish juice, with rotten meat or bone material. 100% heavy thick catfish oil. We have had many nice comments
on this product.
  pints $20.00
Catnip Oil -Artificial, but Very Good Quality. Grey Fox, Cats, Coon, Deer. 1 oz. $4.50; 4 oz. $14.00 pints $42.00
Catnip Oil 100% Pure - The same as above but gives a much more intense response. 1/2 oz. $27.00 1 oz. $46.00
Catnip Leaves – 100% Genuine Catnip. Put up in a fine ground powder form. This Is a fresh natural odor of Real Catnip. It can be mixed with your own favorite baits Or added to ground duff right at the set. 4 oz. $18.00  
Cherry Oil – Excellent Attractor alone for Coon and Rats. 1 oz. $4.00; 4 oz. $12.00 pints $48.00
Civet Musk (Imitation) – A very selective odor used in many western predator baits. It produces a wonderful odor when blended carefully with meat or gland bases. 1 oz. $6.00; 4 oz. $18.00 pints $55.00

Genuine Civet Musk Paste - Tinctured from Ethiopian Civet paste. An Indispensable product. Highly valued in lure and bait making usage. This is authentic civet musk.

1 oz. $24.50  
Crayfish Essence (Artificial) – A Very Nice natural Aroma that appeals to Mink and Raccoon. 1 oz. $5.00 4 oz. $18.00
Crawdad Oil, 100% - Strong crawdad odor. When mixed with dry fish meal makes an excellent Coon bait. 4 oz. $4.50 Pint $14.00

Diethyl Phthalate - This is the best solvent for the tincturing for all the White Musk, Keytone Musk, Ambrette Musk, and most synthetic musks. It also works better and faster on ingredients and glands you would normally use propylene glycol for.

Pints $9.00 1/2 Gallons $29.00
Fenugreek - A very strong, heavy, Lingering, Nutty Odor. Attractive to Raccoon, Deer and Grey Fox. Sometimes used to blend in with Canine Meat baits. 1 oz. $9.00 4 oz. $32.00
Fig Oil – Aromatic odor, heavy, tangy and authentic. Great for Coon, Coyote, Grey Fox. 1 oz. $4.50 4 oz. $11.00
Fish Meal – Strong dried fish odor. Very Good for canines and cats. Excellent for Coon when mixed with Buckwheat Honey or Crawdad Oil. Canine will eat thiss just the way it is. Pint $7.00  
Fish Oil – Our Fish Oil has an excellent, Loud natural fish odor that reaches out much further than any other fish oil on the market. ( this is Not Fish Juice) It’s a very good product for compounding baits and lures. Pints $8.00 1/2 Gallons $20.00
Gator Oil - Extremely attractive to predators. Creates a strong aggressive desire from all Canines and is excellent for use in lure formulas. Also can be used as an added attractor in baits. 1 oz. $6.00; 4 oz. $14.00 pints $42.00
Geranium Oil – Used by top Rat trappers. It’s a terrific Beaver ingredient. Many ADC Urban trappers are using this with great success on groundhog baits. 1/2 oz $17.00 1 oz. $26.00
Glycerine – Top Grade , 99.9 % Pure.             Pints $7.00; 1/2Gallon $20.00 Gallons $30.00
Grape Essence – Can be used alone or mixed 50-50 with Bergamont and/or Logan- berry oils to attract a vast range of animals. 4 oz. $18.00 pints $42.00

Herring Oil - Premium fresh pressed - real fishy smell and long lasting. Can be used all by itself or mixed in a formula. Because of its high fat content, it will gell up at 40 degrees or cooler. Keep in your vehicle warmed. Really gets a furbearer's attention. Helps put a lot of fur on the boards.

  Pints $11.00
Himalayan Musk Oil - A very good form of Tonquin musk. Very attractive and consistent for Canine and Cat food or curiosity lures. Wonderful product. 1 oz. $16.00 4 oz. $54.00
Honey Essence Oil - Attractive sweet honey odor. Raccoon, Bear, Fox, and Beaver really go for it when it's mixed with fresh ground castor 1 oz $6.00 4 oz $19.00

Horse Fat - Extremely effective when 25% is added to meat base. All canine, lion, bobcat, wolf, coyote, fox, coon are very attacted to this. It improves anything you put it with.

  Pints $15.00
Jasmine Oil - A passion ingredient that is very useful when added to gland or matrix lures for Canines and Cats.   pints $42.00
Juniper Oil - Coyote and other canines enjoy eating ripe juniper berries. The odor triggers a hunger response. One of the better, newer, ingredients on the market. 1 oz. $7.00; 4 oz. $22.00  
Lanolin (Anhydrous) – A byproduct of the wool industry, it’s used in making heavy base or paste type lures. It holds up well in temperature changes. Pints $16.00  
Lavender Oil – For use in Muskrat and Coon lures. Used to increase calling power of Beaver Castor, Castorium and Muskrat Musk. 1 oz. $7.00; 4 oz. $24.00 pints $42.00
Fresh Liver - Fresh Liver – Put up and handled properly. An excellent base in lures and baits. Preserved fresh liver. Nice attractive odor.   Pints $10.00

Rotted Down Liver - Great drawing power. Very good to add a little with other baits. It really shines with an ounce of gator oil to a quart of rotten liver.

  Pints $12.00
Loganberry Essence Oil – Use straight the way it comes or can be blended in with the base of your choice. A very fine attractant to Fox, Coyote, Raccoon, and Beaver.
1 oz. $5.00; 4 oz. $16.00 pints $40.00
Loveage Root – Fine Ground Powder. A very Rich Fragrant Odor. Extremely Valu-able lure ingredient. 1 oz. $6.00 4 oz. $19.00
Loveage Oil Tincture - Tincture from the Loverageroot, this is also a highly effective ingredient for mixing in lures. 1 oz. $6.00; 4 oz. $15.00 pints $48.00
Methyl Paraben – Many bait makers like this product as it leaves no Taste or Odor. Used to keep glands or meat based bait a natural smelling odor. 8 oz. $8.50  
Mineral Oil – 100 % USP Grade Pints $9.00  
Molasses – A Strong, Hard, Sweet type Odor. It’s very much liked by the Coon family. Or it can be mixed with one or more of the many different fragrances or sweet odors available. Pints $10.00  
Mouse Oil - This oil has a very strong mousey smell in an easy-to-use oil base. This is a favorite of many trappers. Excellent for
fox, coon, coyote, and weasel. A top seller.
4 oz. $16.00  
Musk Keaton – This is a Soft More or less Casual Musky smell. Canines really like it. Blends well in any Canine Lures. 1 oz. $8.00  
Muscaro Musk – A material with the consistency of heavy syrup that is attractive to all canine and water animals. Can be used straight or can be blended in with your own formulas. A fine Canine ingredient. 4 oz. $18.00 Pints $56.00
Muskrat Musk (Imitation) – Created as a replacement for the hard to obtain Muskrat glands, it is a very workable product. 1 oz. $6.00 4 oz. $20.00
Musky Musk – A very alluring man-made musk. Used in lures calling for Musk or very often used in place of tonquin as a change up in canine lures. 1 oz. $6.00 4 oz. $20.00
Oak Moss Resinoid – Attracts Grey Fox and because of it’s Subtle odor is a very good ingredient in Fox and Coyote lures. 1 oz. $19.00  
Pennyroyal Oil - One of the best oils in a number of years. Made available to trappers catching Beaver, Muskrat, and Raccoon. A Great
1 oz $8.00 4 oz $28.00
Phenyl Acetic Acid - Very good for Coon and Beaver. Honey like odor. 1 oz. $6.00 4 oz. $19.00
Peppermint Oil – Great Muskrat and Coon Ingredient. 1 oz. $7.00 4 oz. $25.00
Persimmon Oil – An Intense, Sweet, Juicy fruit odor. Great for Deer and Coon. Many trappers use this one all alone on Coyote, Fox, Beaver, and Muskrat. Terrific Material. 1 oz. $5.00; 4 oz. $16.00 pints $38.00
Petro – Thick, odorless, weatherproof paste that mixes well with most oils and lures. Great for making your own weatherproof lure. Very easy to mix. Use about 40% with baits and lures. Top seller   Pints $10.00
Polysorbate – used to keep meat-based baits fresh and it does a great job retaining natural meat odors. 4 oz. $16.00  
Poplar Bud Oil – This ingredient has been around for a long time and has been one of the favorites of Beaver trappers. Used alone it’s a very good Beaver Attractant. Also use in Musk and Coon lures. 1 oz. $7.50 4 oz. $26.00
Propylene Glycol (USP) - An antifreeze somewhat preservative similar to glycerine but has some odor. Pints $6.00; 1/2 Gal $19.00 Gallons $29.00
Raspberry Essence Imatation - A great food ingriedient for Muskrat, upland Coon and early Canines 1 oz. $5.50 4 oz. $18.00
Rhodium Oil – A Strong, Heavy, Penetrating Oil used for many years in formulation of a wide range of Wolf, Coyote, Fox, Cat, and Coon lures. 1 oz. $5.00; 4 oz. $14.00 pints $42.00
Rose Bud Oil – Many of the old time lure formulas called for this ingredient. Often used in Beaver lures and early fall canine lures. A very good ingredient. 1 oz. $5.00 4 oz. $16.00
Rosewood Oil - A curiosity combination food ingredient for Beaver either in castor base or food lures. Curiosity for early Canines. 1 oz. $12.00  
Seal Oil Replacement – Our supply of Seal Oil dried up during the great controversy of harvesting Seals for fur value. Until that time many formulas called for the Valued Seal Oil. Truly, this Seal Oil replacement is much better than what used to be available. This is ONE VERY GOOD Lure Ingredient. 4 oz. $8.00 Pints $25.00;
Shell Fish Oil – Best Quality. Uncut Mix with Fish Oil or use alone. 4 oz. $9.00 Pints $23.00
Shrimp Essence Oil - Has come to the top of the list for use in creating Fishy odor for Coon & Mink. Great for Fox, Coyote, and Bobcat.
Wonderful Ingredient
1 oz $5.00; 4 oz $14.00 pints $42.00
Siberian Deer Musk (Type 2) – One of the better Specialty Products. For use in ingredient formulations and used successfully by a large number of Lure & Bait Manufacturers 1 oz. $18.00 4 oz. $65.00
Skunk Essence - A very natual ingredient. Works as a curiosity early and food late for Canines and Cats. Full strenghth . Very good in a distance call lure. LIMITED SUPPLY 1 oz. $20.00  
Skunk Essence (Tinctured) 1 oz. $10.00  
Skunk Oil – Nice sun-rendered oil used in lure formulation. Base that is called for in many old lures. 4 oz. $10.00 Pints $25.00
Sweet Skunk – Very heavy and curious odor. Not the sharp penetrating odor of the fresh, pure essence. Has a wide range of uses in compounding baits and lures and is very good by itself. Will improve most any lure formula. 4 oz. $20.00  
Smoke Essence – Used for Coon. Try a few drops on a small piece of fish. 1 oz $4.50; 4 oz $15.00 pints $42.00
Sodium Benzoate –To Make Bait,1 oz. per quart,4 oz. per gal.       Pints $7.50 Gallons $40.00
Spearmint Oil – Sweet, High Grade. Original material. 1 oz $5.00; 4 oz $16.00 pints $42.00
“Super” Salmon Oil – “Fresh Pressed”, Not Rotted Down. Absolutely will not Jell. Excellent for Lure and Bait formulations. This is a much better grade than most Salmon Oils . Pints $8.00: 1/2 Gallon $18.00 Gallon $29.00
Sweet Corn Oil – Can be used by itself or blended in lure compounds for Deer, Bear, and Coon. 1 oz. $5.00; 4 oz. $16.00 pints $42.00
Sweet Flag Oil – Pure Uncut. Strong, Sweet Odor for Rats, Beaver. 1 oz. $18.00 4 oz. $49.00
Sweet Musk – A mix of high-end Musks. Very attractive to most animals. A very special blend. 1 oz. $6.00; 4 oz. $18.00  
Tonka Bean Extract – This will give your lure a faint subtle odor which is very appealing to all canines. Mix well with your lure base. Then spike it with a shot of pure skunk. Long lasting; very effective. Use ½ teaspoon per set. 1 oz. $20.00  
Tonquin Musk – Original. Nice, Pleasant Odor. Takes the Edge Off and a Very Good Fixative. 1 oz. $20.00  
Tallow Oil – Heavy, Grease all-weather base. Mixes well with ANY ingredient. Early government trappers used it for bait balls or “Tallow Balls”. Use to coat your favorite meat baits. Pints $11.00  
Thickener - Very good for making a paste of thin lure products.   4 oz. $9.00
Valerian Root – Pure Ground Powder. Strong, Heavy, Odor . 1 oz. $8.00  
Valerian Extract Oil Fluid - Causes an extreme urination and rub response in Canines and Cats. Very good in gland and territorial type lures. 1 oz. $8.50  
Walnut [black walnut] – Deep, forceful odor that lasts. For Squirrels, Grey Fox, Reds.
1 oz. $4.50 4 oz. $11.00
Weasel Musk (Artificial) - A fine aggressive curiosity additive to Canine, Mink and Otter Lures. 1 oz. $15.00  
Xyol of white Musk Crystals - A musk that is very useful in toning down over tainted base products in Canine lures. 1 oz. $9.00 4 oz. $14.00
Ylang Ylang Oil – A strong floral scent. Attracts canine, coon, beaver, cats, and muskrats. Really good in spring beaver lures. 1 oz. $10.00  
Zinc Valerate Powder – Used much like a preservative in making either ground or chunk baits. It helps enhance your bait odors and stops them at their desired stage of odor. 1 oz. $18.00  
Bait Mix Solution – Use whatever type meat base you like. When the bait gets to the desired stage add the solution and stop the aging process. Use 8 oz. to the quart. Pints $18.00  


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