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Mission Statement

For the many years we have been in business our main priority has been to ship every order the day it arrives here. I want you to know that “we will ship it today”.

Our biggest headache is the constant big increases in UPS and postage rates. We have no control over shipping charges. Besides the regular rate increase there is now an extra charge for rural deliveries, and an oversize charge for any package over 60 inches in length.

We are happy to announce that we are now manufacturing our own Bass Wood Stretchers in 21 different sizes and styles. Also we have 4 different size fleshing beams. These are all a great quality product that will last for many, many seasons and ensure a more uniform stretch over one of lesser quality.

In 1982 we patented the Figure 7 snares making them in two sizes; one for Fox and Coon and

a taller one for Coyote. Then we branched into our Brushmaster snares for heavy brush or fence lines and two types of Mink snares; one with support wire resembling the brushmaster style in a smaller size and one without a support used in trails. Today we have further modernized the snare industry with our “Quick Kill” snares. They were developed to be superior to any on the market. The name says it all. Last, but not least are our Loaded Bobcat/Fox snares and our In-line Beaver snares. All in all there’s something for every animal and preference.

Many trappers now days like to try their hand at making their own lures. Sort of gives them great satisfaction when they get that allusive coyote or that massive cat. We started with about 61 different ingredients and 8 glands many years ago to now over 82 ingredients and 11 glands. I have found that you only get what you pay for and I am sure that you will find that we offer only the Very Best Quality Oils and Musks. Many have told us that our Tinctures are much stronger and much more stable than what they had been using. We also now offer oils from our new source which are superior in strength and trueness of odor and viscosity, exceeding all other ingredients available.

What better way to be successful in your trapping experience than by learning from the best and brightest in the industry and bypassing all the headaches and mistakes it took to get them there, relying on them to make your line easy and enjoyable. We now offer many DVD’s showing the experience of 20 pro trappers. You’ll not only learn how to catch the animals, set construction, locations, equipment, just to name a few, but also how to handle the pelts. And all this while seeing beautiful country. You can relax at home and prepare for the next seasons trapping.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you, our customers. I do appreciate your very fine orders and do enjoy hearing from so many of you every year. Whether you are a beginner or have been a customer many years, I do thank you. Why? Because all of you have made it possible for me to follow my dream . Living life to the fullest, outdoors, trapping and compounding lures and baits. THANK YOU SO MUCH. If you have a problem you think I might be able to help you with, feel free to phone. I’ll be glad to try to help you.

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